“I always look at confident people and wish I could be like them”

What is confidence?

Confidence is what you see and what you feel. It’s calm self-assurance, an assertive manner, an air of boldness, it is a happy comfortable state of being.

What are the symptoms of low-confidence?

  • Embarrassment and awkwardness
  • Fear
  • Guilt and blame
  • Awe of confident people
  • Insignificance
  • Isolation and loneliness
  • A sense of having been let down and misunderstood
  • Powerlessness
  • Pessimism
  • Physical sickness
  • Tension

5 reasons people lack confidence

  1. Excessive expectations
  2. Harsh self-judgement
  3. Preoccupation with fear
  4. Lack of experience
  5. Lack of skills

We aren’t born with confidence, we need to learn how to have confidence in all areas of our lives, Call me to find out how I will help you become more comfortable in your daily interactions.

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