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One Life Saved ©™

I am very pleased to be able to offer your organisation access to my One Life Saved ©™presentation.

I am very passionate about suicide prevention, unfortunately in the last year I have seen a marked increase in my helping families devastated by the loss of a loved one to suicide. Because of this and because suicide is totally preventable, I decided to launch my One Life Saved Sessions©™

I called the session One Life Saved because if I can save just one life by delivering these sessions then it has been worthwhile, however at the time of writing this, the title is out of date as I have already saved 5 lives since the beginning of January 2023 which is when the sessions started.

I have no desire to save any more lives, I would sooner educate so that suicide is not an option for people struggling with mental health issues and therefore lives do not need to be saved.

Why is it important that these sessions are delivered in your organisation?

Suicide is totally preventable.

The biggest problem with mental health is people have no idea where to go or what to do about it and so their issues continue to build up until suicide becomes the only option.

In the UK over 8 million people are experiencing an anxiety disorder, anxiety is just one aspect of mental health.

1 in 6 experience depression with women twice as likely to experience depression than men.

1 in 14 UK adults feel stressed every day with 74% feeling so stressed that they are unable to cope.

It is a big problem and remember this is only the numbers that report their issues, this does not take into account private help nor people who never reach out. If we added that number in, it would be frightening.

Worldwide over 700,000 people take their own life each year – that’s one person every 40 seconds.

115 people die by suicide in the UK every week – with 75% of those deaths being male (ONS).

1 in 5 people have suicidal thoughts.

1 in 14 people self-harm – the issue being that self-harm is not only an issue in its own right but can also inadvertently or deliberately lead to suicide.

1 in 15 people attempt suicide.

Males aged 45-49 have the highest suicide rate.

10% of young people self-harm.

And most importantly, I don’t want any of your employees to be amongst the current suicide statistics.

Having the sessions delivered by a Psychotherapist means I am ideally placed to deliver the sessions and deal with any queries/support that arise afterwards.

How does it work?

I attend on site or online and deliver the session to your employees, each session takes about an hour including Q&A and there is no limit to the amount of people attending each session, I would urge you to make attendance as mandatory as possible, everyone in the organisation needs to hear the message, suicide has no respect for age, gender or status.

What do the sessions cover?

They cover information about mental health, about why people are driven to consider suicide, statistics about suicide, help removing the judgment around people that take their own lives and more importantly what can be done to prevent it. Guidance is given on the part that we all have to play in helping to safeguard our friends, families and colleagues. Advice is also provided to people who have lost loved ones to suicide, there are recorded interviews to listen to.

Although important, it is a heavy topic, so I always finish each session in a light-hearted way. I offer free, brief help/support to anyone affected by listening to the sessions.


Each hour-long session costs £195.00 (no VAT) plus reasonable travel costs if required.

Discounts are available for holding multiple sessions in one day:

Two hours – £350.00
Half a day – £495.00 (three hours)
Full day – £795.00 (6 hours)

Helping you to play your part in keeping your employees safe.

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