On Call Psychotherapist

I am pleased to offer your organisation the opportunity to have an on call Psychotherapist onsite or online without the need for contracts or retainers.

How It Works:

This is about making it work for your organisation but as a guide, there are several options for you, please remember there are no retainers or contracts, many companies have found that they sometimes need extra or specialist help that is not provided under their existing EAP programme.

  1. A session, a half day or full day for your employees to be able to book in with me either directly if you have an existing agreement with your employees or via HR or their line manager. These sessions can be conducted face to face onsite, offsite or online. Employees may need a one off bit of advice or a more longer intervention plan, all work would of course be signed off and agreed beforehand unless a prior arrangement is in place.
  2. If you require the day or part day to be regular, a time slot would need to be booked in advance and cancelled in line with my terms and conditions.
  3. Presentation of mental health awareness topics, these can be held during team meetings, or run as a series of webinars either face to face or online for employees to access in their own time. Topics may include but are not limited to confidence, anxiety, stress, anger, dealing with conflict, dealing with fear, panic attacks, dealing with difficult people, self-esteem, resilience, assertiveness, getting men talking about mental health.


It couldn’t be simpler; I charge £75 an hour plus 45p a mile travel or train fare whichever is the lower cost (plus travelling time if required). If you require your employees to part pay for their sessions, my accounts team will take care of obtaining session payments direct from your employee. Of course, if sessions are held at one of my locations or online there are no travel costs for me.

If you would like to know more about how I can support your organisation, please contact me for a free of charge, no obligation meeting.

Protecting the welfare of your employees and yourself by having an on site, as and when you need it therapist! Call to find out more.

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